k-radio shows on Sundays

6 months off and all you come up with is this

60:00 minutes (71.91 MB)

6 months off and all you come up with is this
An especially messy mix by Oliver

Featuring, the work of:
QoQoQ, ML and Apostatic.net.

notable gems include:
The Ableton 7 keygen sountrack through presets in Ableton 7
bobby mugabe's phenomenal 'like, totally tribal' from 'EARTH RAVE 07'

Among the local exclusives we have 'Fatsini Hipporoti Kennarini' performing 'Hero'
and 'Sunny Corner' performing 'please dont go' out side 'THE FIRE' recorded live earlier this year.

[k-radio-09] at least three songs at once by mixed by oliver's computer

43:53 minutes (53.89 MB)

This mix was performed by Olivers Computer without any help other than a little instruction.
- It is in 3 movements [intro-mix-finale]
- at least 3 songs must play at all times
- no beat matching alowed
- change volume 3 times within each track
- pan in similar mannor
- select tracks at random from collection

[k-radio-08] Spaceships mixed by Oliver

64:40 minutes (78.08 MB)

"when humans clap i often cringe"
Apologies for the introduction sequence of this mix, the computer needed to establish a tempo somehow. This weeks mix has real and pretend violins in it, see if you can spot the difference. This weeks mix has real W.Carlos and some midi files controlling old synthesizers, spot the differences? Ivor cutler plays marimba and the computer claps along annoyingly for the first 5 minutes. Not much else to report in words this week apart from there are some real recordings from space.

[k-radio-07] jägermeister mixed by Erikk Fletcher

61:58 minutes (60.82 MB)

our featured artist today is Erikk Fletcher. He will be playing a mixture of mostly his stuff with a couple of things not by him, thrown in, just in case we "get lost". There is a lot of experimental sound stuff in there, so you have been warned in advance. Erikk is Cornish by birth but doesn't often visit the motherland as "its too damp" and "funk is so 10 years ago". so, without further ado, k-radio bring you Erikk Fletcher's jägermeister mix.

. heather mills - tvhell2beat3straighttrikosong 2.wav featuring A long and prosperous retirement.wav for bedsheet and guitar
. an amaizing live recording from 'four black squares' covering 'no noubt' on the 25th of April 2003, 22:00:20
. 19200000hz/sec - [natural noise set of flint rock versus storm wind] vs the flumps

k-radio-06 gaga

44:30 minutes (71.29 MB)

The mix sent in this week by that wonderful freddie mercoi marks the decision to give Scottnoskills his own weekly show as of Thursday. Freddie has been working undercover with us for some time and this is a wonderful chance to hear what goes on behind the scenes. As for Scott, over to him on thursday for his introductory Short Songs Set.

k-radio-05 "over to you"

41:32 minutes (40.51 MB)

Well I’ve just heard the first k-radio show not by me, and it’s a very odd marvel to be sure:

Whilst Oliver Baggott and scottnoskills, Emily and I were being indecisive about going to the beer festival and getting really annoyed and confused, I snuck on a cassette to record the short moment that Scott and Baggott had a little catch up session.

What with the amazing qualities of cassette, the wonky floorboards of the floor the decks reside upon and the impromptu un-planned ness I think this is a sure winner.

Things that where sent in during the last week

39:05 minutes (40.34 MB)

After a study of how to do things on radio one. k-radio brings you a proper
good show. Heres’s a couple of notes to self from the phone:

“So err, I have a .... a amazing spice girls .... remix .... and .... err
.... I have discovered my least favorite .... musician to date .... who ....
happens to pretty much be the new Robby Williams by the looks of things ....
and err .... yeah .... I’m outdoors this time .... but err .... I hope you
enjoy these things, but I don't think I’m going to do it the same way next

k-radio-03 the stolen guitar is in sci-fi hell i imagin

35:04 minutes (37.14 MB)

After kicking off with 2 songs about stealing, the Third k-radio show contains
"more guitars than you can shake a stick at" so Oliver says.

But then what does he know about guitars?

Well you can see what he knows by his follow up to the improvised set last
week, seeing as no-one complained about a man left alone late at night battling
away in the computer with a mind of its own and always on the edge of crashing.

As always feedback is really essential in order to know what on earth is going
on, or space come to think of it.
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k-radio-02 [ more sound orientated = less fun ? ]

23:33 minutes (32.34 MB)

Welcome to the second radio show of k-radio. This 2nd equipment and sound test session was recorded in the Falmouth studio. This short show will see Oliver alone in the middle of the night after traveling the country. He has promised to try and speak a little more this week and perform a short improvised set in collaboration with his 'generative machine'.


69:31 minutes (71.71 MB)

Welcome to the first radio show of k-radio. This equipment and sound test session was recorded in the Redruth studio by Jowan and is a live mix by Oliver from Falmouth. Jowan and Oliver will be performing weekly Sunday tests until the station is running stable. From that date onwards k-radio will be inviting other kinds of sound artists to perform on the electronic arts radio station for Cornwall.

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