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At the moment for K Radio I'm compiling roughly hour long radio shows on various themes. Most of these songs/tracks come from my own personal collection. I would really like people to request themes to me as it would then take me to areas of my collection that perhaps i haven't visited for awhile.


63:47 minutes (67.77 MB)

A batch of songs about what I don't get enough of, except with alcohol or lady or within tent (or all 3).
The sketch of me is by Christine Redhead.
I now have my own "MIXTAPE" show on SOURCE FM 96.1 community radio but it is only available in Falmouth area but will soon be online!
I am doing a similar show to what I already do here but with added live waffle..
Check it out! please

08-Birds (feathered) by SCOTTNOSKILLS

47:50 minutes (65.7 MB)

Birds (feathered)

songs about them there avians,
recorded off laptop and record decks onto cassette deck and then back onto laptop and stuck up online.
next time more crackles off old records and perhaps some rudimentary mixing!
this set features some exclusive WIVES OF FARMERS gubbins too!!

the picture features a print by Jamie WOF and frame by Emmet, the skull I found on Hayle Towans in my pre-teen years before I left Kernow.

cheers for listening


3:00 minutes (4.13 MB)

a random evening with help from various friends real and metaphorical...
ended up with me happily spending some time in an army sleeping bag on a seafront bench enjoying the sea and the stars.

[SCOTTNOSKILLS-06] - Clothes

59:20 minutes (68.2 MB)

i was about to plan my next K radio show and discovered one i had already compiled so ere tis...
me next one could well be the one suggested by Jaxson on the non pc theme of "nutters", although i may expand it to cover other handicaps, please don't be offended we are nice people just leaning to the dark side of "humour"


54:31 minutes (56.94 MB)

here be a load of songs about the big ole thing up in the sky that aint GOD, that aint the SUN, but that there other thing, the MOON.
i picked an easy one cos none of you listeners out there suggested a more difficult one so please do or i may just do MOON part 2 next time....


59:36 minutes (71.96 MB)

set number four is

the views and sentiments expressed in some of these songs dont
necessary reflect mine or K radio, its all tongue firmly planted in

we all like animals and you should too....

....but if you don't at least don't be horrid to them

love listening


70:41 minutes (79.38 MB)

Well this is my third themed mix, well compilation for K Radio and the
theme is INSECTS. I checked out the themes which that there Bob Dylan
man did and am gonna try and do themes he didn't and to my knowledge
he didn't do insects so here is one. Not that i am bothered what bob


[SCOTTNOSKILLS-02] - farms, farming, farmers

60:00 minutes (63.12 MB)

well my show this week is on the theme of "farms, farming , farmers"
it contains some talking but mainly people singing and playing instruments.
its pretty light hearted silly stuff but with moments of seriousness
and anger too.
it features well known people and some not so known who perhaps should be...
suggestions of future themes would be welcomed cos i like a challenge.
All songs, spoken word bits etc all come from my collection.
i didnt just type "farm" into limewire or summat and let that do the
work for me.
hope you enjoy.


60:34 minutes (66.65 MB)

So SCOTTNOSKILLS has his own show today and from now on every Thursday that he can. I imagine he will be writing his own news letter to you about the shows, but today I shall get the show on the road for him…


… is exactly as it says, 90 songs, under a minute each, music from all sorts of backgrounds, with only one thing in common – Shortness.
Please give SCOTTNOSKILLS some feedback on the comments bit under his mix section of the website.

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