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Monthly emanations from the Kingdom of Rod, featuring all your favourite hits smudged, scraped and ruined. http://apostatic.net

rad-06 mixed by Nohoper

62:45 minutes (54.19 MB)

[rad-05] rad5 mixed by ML

29:51 minutes (68.31 MB)

[rad-04] rad-04 mixed by Tu'yorb Um (Do you know what happened?)

48:25 minutes (88.66 MB)

"This may well be the fourth raddest thing ever to be cast forth from the K Radio."

[Rad-03] Rad 03 : Pitted, so pitted by Mixed by Soggy Disco Biscuit

46:51 minutes (75.08 MB)

[rad-02] rad-02 mixed by Eric Om

55:45 minutes (89.43 MB)

This is rad02

k-radio-06 gaga

44:30 minutes (71.29 MB)

The mix sent in this week by that wonderful freddie mercoi marks the decision to give Scottnoskills his own weekly show as of Thursday. Freddie has been working undercover with us for some time and this is a wonderful chance to hear what goes on behind the scenes. As for Scott, over to him on thursday for his introductory Short Songs Set.

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