late at Tate 7 Nov 2008 by dj knappen

Knappen did a very wonky dj set at ''late at Tate'' very early realy, on the 7th of November it features a koept artists and some random new and old things by various artist full track listing below. as you might hear it featurres a lot of baloons letting of air samples in the background and a very lame rave alarm,this is cause the dj was a little spassed out by flu and scared of the reverb of the room which you can look at here:

late at tate playlist:


koept crew at Wysing arts centre - fingering thiz fingering that
Lever - 20.15
soy carne - kropp
?- the Rap
Bjarte Alvestad - Action man
Bodenstandig 2000 - Party Der Ganze Nacht
MNH - untitled baloons
Batfinks - ?
Princecast - Princecast 01
Isengard - Ei gran borti nordre åsen
? -Reconstruction of a radio show
Balkan Beat Box - Habibi Min Zaman
Avikko - Wot wot neoZulu
Obi Blanche - Ragtag Vagabonds
Zongamin - bongo song
Anna Lisa Ingemansson - Kalinka
DJDonnaSummer - More cowbell
Mochipet - get your whistle wet
TTC - Travailler (orgasmic remix)
Tyto Alba - Utopia
Bobby Mugabe - Like totaly tribal
Batfinks - ?
[jo whiley] - delusions of grandeur.
Obi Blanche -Rock 'n' Roll Lifestyle (Jeff Doubleu Remix)
Harvard Bass - Caked
kiss - I Was Made For Lovin' You ( knappen long baloon intro mix )
Do or DIY with People like us - Megamixathon Track 02
Barnes & Barnes - Party in my pants
-OS------{@ - kpt.nt/os4sj


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