Cornish Field Recodings

Help make an audio map of living, playing and working in Cornwall.
Become a field recorder for K Radio.

What are they?
Well they can be any audio recordings made by anyone, anywhere, of the sound produced around them.
They don’t have to be recorded in a field, but could be. For instance, they could be a recording of a tractor ploughing a field, people picking cabbages, or the sound of a field with no people in it, the sound of a carrot field, of carrots growing.
They could be the sound of wind turbines, bird song, waves and wind, all environmental recordings, or human activity, factory units, traffic, King Harry Ferry, life boat going out, dock yard siren…
Anything you, the K Radio listeners would like to hear and know that nobody else will get round to doing.

How do I get you to do it for me?
Any proposals or ideas that you would like to hear but are unwilling to record yourself (lethargy, too dangerous, embarrassing) send them in and someone may try to get that audio gold.

What if I want to record it myself but am not a geek?
Just contact us, if the idea is better than our ideas (very likely) we can deliver the recorder, show you how it works, help set it up, leave you to it…

What if I send you a recording and you release it as a single, it goes top ten and you retire on the money generated?
This will not happen, live a little…

Each recording for broadcast will be:

    One hour in length and unedited (except to chop start and end if necessary).
    A recording without a commentary on it, not a recording of someone telling us what they are doing.

[k-field-01] 42c kyverdale road to 28-42 banner st

Click to play
61:14 minutes (13.79 MB)

Today we have our first field recording on k-radio.

Generally the field recordings being broadcast by k-radio will be recorded within Cornwall -This way we can transmit the actual sound of Cornwall to the universe, but to kick off this gripping format of sound work, we have a conceptually Cornish piece.

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