Réchauffé by Manticore

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55:50 minutes (35.03 MB)

personality son - dead-end ladders dangling in space

23:57 minutes (30.49 MB)

Part 1 of a 2 part mix titled 'what used to be me is backward soundtrack'.
Processed tracks are mixed together with some sound experiments and exclusive personality son tracks.
Part 2 to follow.

[k-tub03] dj derehctub - faded sepia boy

64:05 minutes (77.43 MB)

Mixed by derehctub - Springtime (two years ago).

The Age of Absurdity by Manticore

53:49 minutes (73.92 MB)

Penury by Taedium Vitae

53:20 minutes (73.26 MB)

[k-jmp01] jaxson payne-jaxson.net promo mix

53:23 minutes (63.64 MB)

This mix celebrates both the launch of jaxson.net and the physical
release of Hopen.
Included in the mix are sections of Hopen alongside some unreleased
pieces that will fully surface sometime in the future.

july 2001 jam by iermoç, personality son and DNCN

33:24 minutes (42.84 MB)

I recently found this on an old mini disk while looking for old material to donate to thæ devine Cossacks. Although a lot of the playing is very sloppy, the overall feel is quite positive and warm sounding so i thought it would be worth sharing anyway.
Recorded at Cambridge Place in Falmouth, Cornwall - July 2001.
iermoç and DNCN - synthesizers.
personality son - drums.
For some reason the recording is smothered in reverb.


63:47 minutes (67.77 MB)

A batch of songs about what I don't get enough of, except with alcohol or lady or within tent (or all 3).
The sketch of me is by Christine Redhead.
I now have my own "MIXTAPE" show on SOURCE FM 96.1 community radio but it is only available in Falmouth area but will soon be online!
I am doing a similar show to what I already do here but with added live waffle..
Check it out! please

[k-tub02] dj derehctub-realms and frontiers of light

73:14 minutes (90.69 MB)

a collection of derehctub tracks will be up soon - for now here's another dj mix of influences.

08-Birds (feathered) by SCOTTNOSKILLS

47:50 minutes (65.7 MB)

Birds (feathered)

songs about them there avians,
recorded off laptop and record decks onto cassette deck and then back onto laptop and stuck up online.
next time more crackles off old records and perhaps some rudimentary mixing!
this set features some exclusive WIVES OF FARMERS gubbins too!!

the picture features a print by Jamie WOF and frame by Emmet, the skull I found on Hayle Towans in my pre-teen years before I left Kernow.

cheers for listening

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