audio by year 2008


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Well this is my third themed mix, well compilation for K Radio and the
theme is INSECTS. I checked out the themes which that there Bob Dylan
man did and am gonna try and do themes he didn't and to my knowledge
he didn't do insects so here is one. Not that i am bothered what bob


[Rad-03] Rad 03 : Pitted, so pitted by Mixed by Soggy Disco Biscuit

46:51 minutes (75.08 MB)

[rad-04] rad-04 mixed by Tu'yorb Um (Do you know what happened?)

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"This may well be the fourth raddest thing ever to be cast forth from the K Radio."


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set number four is

the views and sentiments expressed in some of these songs dont
necessary reflect mine or K radio, its all tongue firmly planted in

we all like animals and you should too....

....but if you don't at least don't be horrid to them

love listening


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here be a load of songs about the big ole thing up in the sky that aint GOD, that aint the SUN, but that there other thing, the MOON.
i picked an easy one cos none of you listeners out there suggested a more difficult one so please do or i may just do MOON part 2 next time....

[rad-05] rad5 mixed by ML

29:51 minutes (68.31 MB)

k-radio mixed by campcassidy

28:19 minutes (41.88 MB)

An audio work by Patrick Simons (Glorious Ninth)

26:01 minutes (28.25 MB)

An audio work by Patrick Simons(Glorious Ninth) . Initially recorded as part of an installation for "Disrupting Narratives" symposium, Tate Modern, 2007.

[SCOTTNOSKILLS-06] - Clothes

59:20 minutes (68.2 MB)

i was about to plan my next K radio show and discovered one i had already compiled so ere tis...
me next one could well be the one suggested by Jaxson on the non pc theme of "nutters", although i may expand it to cover other handicaps, please don't be offended we are nice people just leaning to the dark side of "humour"

6 months off and all you come up with is this

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6 months off and all you come up with is this
An especially messy mix by Oliver

Featuring, the work of:
QoQoQ, ML and

notable gems include:
The Ableton 7 keygen sountrack through presets in Ableton 7
bobby mugabe's phenomenal 'like, totally tribal' from 'EARTH RAVE 07'

Among the local exclusives we have 'Fatsini Hipporoti Kennarini' performing 'Hero'
and 'Sunny Corner' performing 'please dont go' out side 'THE FIRE' recorded live earlier this year.

rad-06 mixed by Nohoper

62:45 minutes (54.19 MB)

[knappen-01] p_glass and the baloonsax presents knappen core by and the baloonsax

31:58 minutes (46.07 MB)

knappen: recordings by Halvorsen, for more info check
for the first episode there is a intro by Holland Teacher followed by a live set by and the baloonsax

falling through the space between worlds mixed by dj derehctub

70:31 minutes (86.19 MB)

first in a series of mixes by dj derehctub for k-radio - focusing on the kind of techno and electro that has inspired some of my own projects.

koept archive - radio mix number 1 by koept archive

54:54 minutes (65.88 MB)

Part one of a History of - A combination of audio that was put out for free and some of the items available on vinyl and CD from

Rosemary's Baby by Bramford

24:33 minutes (34.47 MB)

A Hallowe'en special from

The Rosemary's Baby OST scratched, scuffed, stretched and smothered.

section 1 of 2.

[jmp-002] hopen by jaxson payne

47:03 minutes (58.13 MB)

happy christmas everyone!
this is actually about a little island (hopen)up above the top of norway in the middle of the freezing sea - it's only inhabitants are the four people who man the weather station there - but it is also quite christmasy...

koept archive - radio mix number 2

47:22 minutes (57.99 MB)

second edition of the koept archive mixes. some of this material has been put out on some kind of physical format in the past so see for more details. this mix is a little more upbeat than the last one...

[k-tub02] dj derehctub-realms and frontiers of light

73:14 minutes (90.69 MB)

a collection of derehctub tracks will be up soon - for now here's another dj mix of influences.

[k-tub03] dj derehctub - faded sepia boy

64:05 minutes (77.43 MB)

Mixed by derehctub - Springtime (two years ago).

jason maxwellraymond pine - lets get married

58:08 minutes (66.32 MB)

To celebrate the solstice (didn't quite post it in time). It's all downhill from now on.

mr swap - down here on the ground, wanting something better

75:20 minutes (95.45 MB)

Late in the early hours after many boozy drinks have been drank and the head is sozzled, Mr Swap occasionally kicks in.
He shows off his sadness and joy of being alive and his frustrated search to connect by singing spontaneous songs, streamed from the subconscious and strummed on an out of tune guitar if available.
This mix doesn't contain any original songs because none have ever been recorded. The music for this mix was chosen as an attempt to represent the inner tangle and frustrations of Mr Swap.

[k-tub04] dj derehctub - heavy liquid sphere

68:26 minutes (85.93 MB)

Another mix from a couple of years ago. Mostly house/techno this time with a ten minute gem mixed in at the end.

beam^splitter - mothership

78:27 minutes (93.12 MB)

[k-tub05] dj derehctub - drains

62:56 minutes (73.54 MB)

Another of the dj derehctub mixes put together in 2008.
A selection of sludgy, drip drop techno and interesting, inventive electro to be found here.

beam^splitter - luminous blue varables

75:21 minutes (91.57 MB)

Sister mix to the previous beam^splitter mix posted on k-radio.
As before, scientific, other worldly, space sounds from various artists and mixed by beam^splitter.
Watch this space for future beam^splitter original material and live performances.

denise savoys - silent night (part 1)

57:13 minutes (69.69 MB)

Part 1 of 2.
Tracks sourced and compiled by Denise Savoys.
Please listen to this mix on your own, late at night, by candle light.

denise savoys - silent night (part 2)

60:59 minutes (69.27 MB)

Part 2 of 2.
Tracks sourced and compiled by Denise Savoys.
Best listened to late at night, by candle light.

beam^splitter - city's pulse

66:43 minutes (78.71 MB)

old mix of mostly percussive tracks, selected and put together by beam^splitter.