audio by artist scottnoskills


3:00 minutes (4.13 MB)

a random evening with help from various friends real and metaphorical...
ended up with me happily spending some time in an army sleeping bag on a seafront bench enjoying the sea and the stars.

08-Birds (feathered) by SCOTTNOSKILLS

47:50 minutes (65.7 MB)

Birds (feathered)

songs about them there avians,
recorded off laptop and record decks onto cassette deck and then back onto laptop and stuck up online.
next time more crackles off old records and perhaps some rudimentary mixing!
this set features some exclusive WIVES OF FARMERS gubbins too!!

the picture features a print by Jamie WOF and frame by Emmet, the skull I found on Hayle Towans in my pre-teen years before I left Kernow.

cheers for listening


63:47 minutes (67.77 MB)

A batch of songs about what I don't get enough of, except with alcohol or lady or within tent (or all 3).
The sketch of me is by Christine Redhead.
I now have my own "MIXTAPE" show on SOURCE FM 96.1 community radio but it is only available in Falmouth area but will soon be online!
I am doing a similar show to what I already do here but with added live waffle..
Check it out! please