audio by artist mixed by erikk fletcher

[k-radio-07] jägermeister mixed by Erikk Fletcher

61:58 minutes (60.82 MB)

our featured artist today is Erikk Fletcher. He will be playing a mixture of mostly his stuff with a couple of things not by him, thrown in, just in case we "get lost". There is a lot of experimental sound stuff in there, so you have been warned in advance. Erikk is Cornish by birth but doesn't often visit the motherland as "its too damp" and "funk is so 10 years ago". so, without further ado, k-radio bring you Erikk Fletcher's jägermeister mix.

. heather mills - tvhell2beat3straighttrikosong 2.wav featuring A long and prosperous retirement.wav for bedsheet and guitar
. an amaizing live recording from 'four black squares' covering 'no noubt' on the 25th of April 2003, 22:00:20
. 19200000hz/sec - [natural noise set of flint rock versus storm wind] vs the flumps