audio by artist mixed by dj derehctub

falling through the space between worlds mixed by dj derehctub

70:31 minutes (86.19 MB)

first in a series of mixes by dj derehctub for k-radio - focusing on the kind of techno and electro that has inspired some of my own projects.

[k-tub02] dj derehctub-realms and frontiers of light

73:14 minutes (90.69 MB)

a collection of derehctub tracks will be up soon - for now here's another dj mix of influences.

[k-tub03] dj derehctub - faded sepia boy

64:05 minutes (77.43 MB)

Mixed by derehctub - Springtime (two years ago).

[k-tub04] dj derehctub - heavy liquid sphere

68:26 minutes (85.93 MB)

Another mix from a couple of years ago. Mostly house/techno this time with a ten minute gem mixed in at the end.

[k-tub05] dj derehctub - drains

62:56 minutes (73.54 MB)

Another of the dj derehctub mixes put together in 2008.
A selection of sludgy, drip drop techno and interesting, inventive electro to be found here.