K-radio was an irregular stream of sound experiments from Cornwall between 2007 & 2012.

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70:41 minutes (79.38 MB)

Well this is my third themed mix, well compilation for K Radio and the
theme is INSECTS. I checked out the themes which that there Bob Dylan
man did and am gonna try and do themes he didn't and to my knowledge
he didn't do insects so here is one. Not that i am bothered what bob


[k-field-01] 42c kyverdale road to 28-42 banner st

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61:14 minutes (13.79 MB)

Today we have our first field recording on k-radio.

Generally the field recordings being broadcast by k-radio will be recorded within Cornwall -This way we can transmit the actual sound of Cornwall to the universe, but to kick off this gripping format of sound work, we have a conceptually Cornish piece.

[SCOTTNOSKILLS-02] - farms, farming, farmers

60:00 minutes (63.12 MB)

well my show this week is on the theme of "farms, farming , farmers"
it contains some talking but mainly people singing and playing instruments.
its pretty light hearted silly stuff but with moments of seriousness
and anger too.
it features well known people and some not so known who perhaps should be...
suggestions of future themes would be welcomed cos i like a challenge.
All songs, spoken word bits etc all come from my collection.
i didnt just type "farm" into limewire or summat and let that do the
work for me.
hope you enjoy.

[rad-02] rad-02 mixed by Eric Om

55:45 minutes (89.43 MB)

This is rad02

[k-radio-09] at least three songs at once by mixed by oliver's computer

43:53 minutes (53.89 MB)

This mix was performed by Olivers Computer without any help other than a little instruction.
- It is in 3 movements [intro-mix-finale]
- at least 3 songs must play at all times
- no beat matching alowed
- change volume 3 times within each track
- pan in similar mannor
- select tracks at random from collection

[k-radio-08] Spaceships mixed by Oliver

64:40 minutes (78.08 MB)

"when humans clap i often cringe"
Apologies for the introduction sequence of this mix, the computer needed to establish a tempo somehow. This weeks mix has real and pretend violins in it, see if you can spot the difference. This weeks mix has real W.Carlos and some midi files controlling old synthesizers, spot the differences? Ivor cutler plays marimba and the computer claps along annoyingly for the first 5 minutes. Not much else to report in words this week apart from there are some real recordings from space.

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