K-radio was an irregular stream of sound experiments from Cornwall between 2007 & 2012.

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k-radio mixed by campcassidy

28:19 minutes (41.88 MB)

[rad-05] rad5 mixed by ML

29:51 minutes (68.31 MB)


54:31 minutes (56.94 MB)

here be a load of songs about the big ole thing up in the sky that aint GOD, that aint the SUN, but that there other thing, the MOON.
i picked an easy one cos none of you listeners out there suggested a more difficult one so please do or i may just do MOON part 2 next time....


59:36 minutes (71.96 MB)

set number four is

the views and sentiments expressed in some of these songs dont
necessary reflect mine or K radio, its all tongue firmly planted in

we all like animals and you should too....

....but if you don't at least don't be horrid to them

love listening

[rad-04] rad-04 mixed by Tu'yorb Um (Do you know what happened?)

48:25 minutes (88.66 MB)

"This may well be the fourth raddest thing ever to be cast forth from the K Radio."

[Rad-03] Rad 03 : Pitted, so pitted by Mixed by Soggy Disco Biscuit

46:51 minutes (75.08 MB)
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