K-radio was an irregular stream of sound experiments from Cornwall between 2007 & 2012.

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falling through the space between worlds mixed by dj derehctub

70:31 minutes (86.19 MB)

first in a series of mixes by dj derehctub for k-radio - focusing on the kind of techno and electro that has inspired some of my own projects.

[knappen-01] p_glass and the baloonsax presents knappen core by p.glass and the baloonsax

31:58 minutes (46.07 MB)

knappen: recordings by Halvorsen, for more info check http://please.knappen.me/in/my/radio
for the first episode there is a intro by Holland Teacher followed by a live set by p.glass and the baloonsax

rad-06 mixed by Nohoper

62:45 minutes (54.19 MB)

6 months off and all you come up with is this

60:00 minutes (71.91 MB)

6 months off and all you come up with is this
An especially messy mix by Oliver

Featuring, the work of:
QoQoQ, ML and Apostatic.net.

notable gems include:
The Ableton 7 keygen sountrack through presets in Ableton 7
bobby mugabe's phenomenal 'like, totally tribal' from 'EARTH RAVE 07'

Among the local exclusives we have 'Fatsini Hipporoti Kennarini' performing 'Hero'
and 'Sunny Corner' performing 'please dont go' out side 'THE FIRE' recorded live earlier this year.

[SCOTTNOSKILLS-06] - Clothes

59:20 minutes (68.2 MB)

i was about to plan my next K radio show and discovered one i had already compiled so ere tis...
me next one could well be the one suggested by Jaxson on the non pc theme of "nutters", although i may expand it to cover other handicaps, please don't be offended we are nice people just leaning to the dark side of "humour"

An audio work by Patrick Simons (Glorious Ninth)

26:01 minutes (28.25 MB)

An audio work by Patrick Simons(Glorious Ninth) . Initially recorded as part of an installation for "Disrupting Narratives" symposium, Tate Modern, 2007.

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