K-radio was an irregular stream of sound experiments from Cornwall between 2007 & 2012.

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[k-tub04] dj derehctub - heavy liquid sphere

68:26 minutes (85.93 MB)

Another mix from a couple of years ago. Mostly house/techno this time with a ten minute gem mixed in at the end.

mr swap - down here on the ground, wanting something better

75:20 minutes (95.45 MB)

Late in the early hours after many boozy drinks have been drank and the head is sozzled, Mr Swap occasionally kicks in.
He shows off his sadness and joy of being alive and his frustrated search to connect by singing spontaneous songs, streamed from the subconscious and strummed on an out of tune guitar if available.
This mix doesn't contain any original songs because none have ever been recorded. The music for this mix was chosen as an attempt to represent the inner tangle and frustrations of Mr Swap.

folie à plusieurs by manticore

40:51 minutes (53.33 MB)

[k-jmp02] sounds from outside the clubhouse by jaxson payne

19:56 minutes (23.93 MB)

This is a little selection of outtakes from the album Leisure Time Explosion.
I really like these pieces but ultimately they didn't quite fit.
I'm glad they finally found a home here amongst some highlights that did make the finished album.
Visit http://jaxson.net/ for more info.

jason maxwellraymond pine - lets get married

58:08 minutes (66.32 MB)

To celebrate the solstice (didn't quite post it in time). It's all downhill from now on.

[k-kr02] k-radio mix part2 by keith richards

22:02 minutes (20.76 MB)

A second short mix from Keith Richards.
Some of the oldest and most wonderful matirial that KR has to offer.
A great demonstration for why we love his music so much.

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