K-radio was an irregular stream of sound experiments from Cornwall between 2007 & 2012.

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The Soul is a Trapped Gas (part two) by Manticore

33:03 minutes (32.79 MB)

Part two of two.

The Soul is a Trapped Gas (part one) by Manticore

27:44 minutes (27.12 MB)

In the absence of any real motivation to produce the cassette version, and
putting aside any recent discussions of value, here is part one of
two of a recent work meant for someplace else but instead now to be
found here.

Also, this:

[k-tub05] dj derehctub - drains

62:56 minutes (73.54 MB)

Another of the dj derehctub mixes put together in 2008.
A selection of sludgy, drip drop techno and interesting, inventive electro to be found here.

beam^splitter - mothership

78:27 minutes (93.12 MB)

Velleity by Manticore

47:29 minutes (108.72 MB)

22082009 by leverjaxson

43:12 minutes (69.22 MB)

Live recording of a jam session on 22.08.09 at Studio 4, Stamford Hill.

Lever - Laptop/Synthesiser/Effects.
Jaxson - S1000/Effects/Percussion/Guitar.

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